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MArital Agreements


Prenuptial and Postnuptial Attorney, Nashville TN

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can be a delicate matter.  Couples that are considering a marital agreement can benefit from experienced counsel.  We offer marital agreements, including:

•   Prenuptial Agreements
•   Postnuptial Agreements
•   Agreement Modifications
•   Agreement Review and Consulting

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“Having a prenuptial does not prevent divorce but it can certainly provide peace of mind"

Understanding the need for marital agreements

While no one anticipates divorce or separation after getting into a committed loving relationship, these events happen and when they do they are often very stressful situations. Marital agreements, pre and post, are drafted to specify the rights and responsibilities of each spouse or partner in the event of a split between them or death of one of the parties. Division of property can often lead to a bruising battle when there is lack of consensus on who should get what.

At 615 Family Law, we help you to assure yourself of a future free of conflicts through fair and well-drafted marital agreements. There are two main kinds of marital agreements:

  • Prenuptial agreements: these are agreements entered into by a couple before they enter into a marriage. The agreement envisions the manner in which assets will be split should the marriage terminate. While many people are quick to point out that these agreements target financial and property issues, they indeed cover a lot more factors that are important to the spouses and children whose futures need to be well thought-out. Spousal support as well as guardianship of children can also be an aspect of prenuptial agreements.

  • Post-nuptial agreements: these are usually entered into after a marriage. These kinds of agreements deal with many of the same issues as premarital agreements.  Post marital situations have additional difficulties because the property interests in certain properties change upon marriage. Post-nuptial agreements can be helpful where issues have arisen during the marriage and the parties seek to address property/asset management issues for the benefit of the family.

At 615 Family Law, we have attorneys with knowledge on family law matters and you can be secure in knowing that a pre- or post-nuptial agreement can sometimes make a marital bond stronger. While it may not be the most “romantic” thing you do, addressing issues regarding a love one’s financial well being can be the best expression of love prior to or after entering into a marriage.

A proper prenuptial or postnuptial agreement takes the following issues into perspective when preparing these legal agreements for you:

  • All parties need to fully disclose their assets. If this fails to happen, the agreement could end up not being enforced by the courts in the event of a challenge.

  • All the parties seeking to enter an agreement ought to have legal counsel and they need to be independent. A single attorney cannot represent both parties because this would create a conflict of interest.

You can count of 615 Family Law to represent your interests in the best way possible should you and your partner decide to enter into a marital agreement.  Call to set up a consultation: 615-239-6557. 

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