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Divorce Attorney, Nashville TN

Divorce can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be nasty. Let us help you navigate through difficult times.  We have a wide range of experience helping people facing divorce and offer a full range of services, including:

•   Uncontested Divorce

•   Contested Divorce
•   Divorce with Children
•   Divorce and Asset Division
•   Divorce and Separation

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A divorce is one of the most difficult obstacles that a family can face. It is often seen as a bitter struggle between two individuals that taxes everyone involved. However, there are law firms out there that are focused on making this process much easier and productive. 615 Family Law in Nashville, Tennessee specializes in family law and has years of experience helping people through divorce as well as child custody and child support disputes. Divorce litigation is an area that our team of attorneys and administrators are well versed in. We offer free consultations to anyone seeking advice or counsel regarding their family law matter. When going through a divorce or separation, it’s so important to have a representative that has the interests of you and your family in mind. Having someone in your corner willing to present you with as much information and guidance as possible is an important part of the process. The attorneys of 615 Family Law have the necessary experience to deal with a variety of divorce situations. For example, if a divorce is highly contested, i.e. a situation in which both parties cannot come to an agreement about many of the issues of their divorce, our team of lawyers are well equipped to deal with the situation pragmatically and effectively. 

“When there’s nothing particularly good about divorce, having a good divorce lawyer helps.”

When it comes to finding the right attorney, it’s important to look for firms with experience, as well as a proven track record of success. 615 Family Law’s focus is family law and domestic matters, and has decades of experience in divorce and family law and has established themselves as one of the most prominent and effective firms in Nashville. When going through a trying and emotionally taxing divorce, don’t leave anything up to chance. Hire an attorney with experience to help guide you through an otherwise difficult situation.

615 Family Law has several experienced professionals that focus on fair dealings. They protect their clients and their interests with motivation, diligence and thorough investigation. The firm invites anyone who is going through a divorce, whether it be difficult or fairly uncontested, with children or without, to contact the group at it's centrally located Nashville office. The consultation is absolutely free and acts as an opportunity for individuals to get the counsel and information they need to move forward. Divorce is a difficult, emotionally draining situation. Make it easier with help from 615 Family Law.

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