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When divorcing couples have children, it can be particularly tough on their kids. Let us help you navigate the legal aspect of child custody.  You have rights, you should know them. 615 Family Law helps you through each issue you face , including:

•   Child Custody and Divorce

•   Child Custody Modifications

•   Children’s Education Rights

•   Child Visitation

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One of the most difficult parts of any divorce is determining child custody. Parents have to decide how to divide parenting time for the most beloved members of their family. It’s a complex and emotional issue, to say the least. When faced with difficult issues such as custody, it’s absolutely essential to have a strong, knowledgeable attorney on your side to make sure the process goes as fairly and equitably as possible. 615familylaw.com is run by a team of attorneys and administrators that are focused on making sure custody negotiations and hearings keep your and your children’s interests in mind and go as smoothly as possible. We specialize in issues and matters such as:

•    Custody Hearings

•    Visitation Agreements

•    Relocation

•    Legal Custody

•    Physical Custody

During these proceedings, emotions can run high and it’s very important to have someone there to keep a level head and to remain focused on the ultimate goals: to make sure that your children’s emotional and material needs are provided for. Your child’s well-being isn’t something that you would trust to just anyone. You need someone in your corner that will get you the desired outcome. Child custody battles can potentially be an unnerving, bitter and emotionally draining experience. We offer an intangible that is nothing short of invaluable during this difficult situation: peace of mind. Our clients can rest assured knowing full well that someone is standing up for their interests and the well-being of his or her child. During a process like this, it’s difficult to keep emotions out of the equation. That’s why it’s so important to have unfettered representation ready to support you.

If you’re looking for a Nashville child custody lawyer, we’re glad you’ve found us.  We take great pride in helping people facing child custody situation. Contact us today for a free consultation. Call 615-239-6557

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M Whitmore, Brentwood TN

March 2014

                       I was looking for a family lawyer that would understand my unique circumstance and needs for alimony and child support.  After a custody battle and a rough divorce, I was so glad that I had 615FamlyLaw on my side.  I’d recommend them to anyone that needs an attorney that really listens.  Thank you! Thank you!


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D Taylor, Franklin TN

June 2014

                       I found 615Famly Attorneys through my own online research. I was hoping for a smooth and easy divorce, but my spouse had other ideas.  It became a contested divorce.  The people at the Firm dealt with their out-of-state lawyer and handled everything beautifully. Glad I hired 615 - it worked out well in the end. Good choice working with 615FamilyLaw!

T Johnson, Nashville TN

May 2014

                       I was referred to 615FamilyLaw by a friend that had gone through what I was starting to go through - divorce with kids and a fair amount of assets.  We had been married for 12 years and had all of our accounts under one name.  I found the help and advice I was looking for with the lawyers and staff at 615FamilyLaw.  Thank goodness for them!

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